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handicapped bedroom design

A handicapped bedroom design means using one's creativity to fit the handicapped individual's needs which can range from changing door knobs to widening doors or for children with autism, this may mean taking into consideration sensory integration.

Motion, balance, touch, and anything that integrates the senses may be included in designing this type of handicap bedroom.  A fun feature for these rooms can include Sensory Swings or the Floating Bed.

This site gives a list of how to redesign rooms in your house for accessibility:

  • Replace your round door knobs with levers
  • Put in hard/smooth surface flooring for easier wheelchair maneuvering
  • Widen hallways for wheelchair access
  • Put in wider doors
  • Lower your light switches so they can be reached from a wheelchair
  • Adjust kitchen counter heights and kitchen sink styles to allow easy wheelchair reach
  • Install mini-ramps on high door thresholds
  • Install outdoor ramps for access to decks and patios.
  • Change bathroom vanity-style sink fixtures to pedestal types
  • Change the toilet to a taller handicapped toilet to permit access by commode wheelchair
  • Low/no threshold tub or shower units

Universal Design, Barrier-Free, Accessible Design.  Cursor down the page to see pictures:


This site has handicapped house plans:


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Sensory integration with this amazing floating bed!

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See these amazing sensory therapy swings!

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