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sensory rooms and autism

Schools and families are turning to what works in helping autistic children.  From weighted blankets, to home remedies and now sensory rooms where one's creativity can show in making a room especially designed for sensory stimulation, a welcome break for students with autism.  A benefit to these rooms can include Sensory Swings or the Floating Bed.

More helpful information on sensory rooms and autism from this article:

"Sensory environments are aimed at providing individuals with the opportunity to stimulate, develop or balance their sensory systems..".

"Rooms or sensory spaces can take various forms, for example white, dark, sound, interactive, water, softplay or garden. Their main functions tend to be therapeutic, educational and relaxation, all in relation to development."

"Equipment used in the rooms varies depending on the type, function and needs of the individual using it. The following list gives examples of equipment to provide stimulation for all sensory systems. Stimuli can include soothing music, vibrating cushions, fibre optics, mirror balls, bubble tubes, waterbeds, tactile walls, disco lights and projectors to name just a few. Equipment can be set up using switches, pressure, sound and movement which then activate a piece of equipment in the room. The child comes to recognize cause and effect."

"The reported benefits of sensory rooms at present come mainly from personal experiences and observations, as there is only a limited amount of research."

Another site gives their instructions on creating a sensory room.

In addition to the classroom, this school made a sensory room for the students.

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Sensory integration with this amazing floating bed!

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See these amazing sensory therapy swings!

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