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sleep disorders and autism

Because many have shared their views and experience regarding sleep disorders and autism, there are medical, neurological, sensory, as well as individualized-mom-tested ways of helping children and adults with autism.

Here is an article by a mom who shows the benefits of Sensory Integration Therapy:

"Sensory Integration Therapy is a powerful tool in dealing with autism. It has helped dramatically with my son's 'meltdowns,' attending problems, auditory processing, speech, and, yes, sleep! My son craves propioceptive input (deep sensory input such as deep bear hugs, deep tickling, rough-housing). Before bed, it is often helpful to give him deep massages on his arms, legs, hands, feet, and body."

In addition to the mom's findings above, swings and beds have been developed to help children with autism get some sleep.  Sensory Swings give the child hours of rest and relaxation while The Floating Bed provides the sense of motion, balance, and floating to help induce sleep.

See more about Sensory Swings and the Floating Bed.

Products such as weighted blankets have been used to help autistic individuals sleep.  Read more here.

This article explains restless sleep and autism.

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Sensory integration with this amazing floating bed!

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See these amazing sensory therapy swings!

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