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Hello!  Autism Index was started by a friend who has a son with autism. This website was designed to access information about Autism and related Autism Spectrum diagnosis quickly and easily.  It contains many links and hopefully lots of useful, up-to-date information from general to specific to empower parents, grandparents, teachers and maybe even doctors about the many facets of Autism.  This “index” of information was created so that those researching Autism will be able to see the many therapies that are available and that many of them are creating POSITIVE RESULTS and in some cases even recovery!  Many of those we rely on, such as teachers and doctors, have either not been taught about autism or seem to have their hands tied by various sources such as drug companies, etc., so parents are left to do their own research.  Parents ARE recovering children.  Use doctors, teachers, and therapists to assist you, but don‘t plan on them recovering your child for you!  Thank you to those parents (Dr. Bernard Rimland, Catherine Maurice, Karyn Seroussi and many others) who have worked so hard to piece some of the puzzle together and give us hope! 

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