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Autistic people generally have heightened abilities when it comes to the five senses of hearing, smelling, taste, touch and sight.



Does not like loud or unusual sounds.  May also seem like they can’t hear well, but at other times can hear a can of soda open a mile away.  This may also be called an auditory processing problem by the experts.  Auditory Integration Training assist with this symptom.



Lack of eye contact.  Yoga teaches a study mind equals a study gaze.  Who knows, maybe that is what the autistic individual is trying to do when they retreat.  May go “wild” when they see a certain color.  May not be able to see black print on white paper.  Light sensitivity.  The Irlen Lens System may assist with this problem.



May go “wild” when they smell certain smells, such as perfume or cleaning products .


May limit their diet to certain textures or foods, such as chicken nuggets.  My son will not eat foods put together such as sandwiches, hamburgers, Oreo cookies, etc.  He must take them apart before eating them.  He also went through a stage that he had to watch me cut his food up or he would not eat it. 



May not like to be touched, including hugs from parents, or have clothing touching their skin.  May not like to play in sand, shaving cream or other textures.  This is called tactile defensiveness.  May also "toe walk" which is walking on their toes due to not wanting their feet to touch the floor, shoes and/or socks.


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