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support groups for families

The day my son was officially diagnosed as Autistic, the hospital gave me a little book about autism.  I can't find it right now, so I can't tell you the name of it, but I read it that night.  It compared having an Autistic child as going to Holland and a "typically developing" child as going to Italy.  They are both really nice places to go.  Italy may seem more glamorous, but Holland is very beautiful also.  At the time, I was annoyed by what it was saying, but I guess I'm getting used to Holland.   

Church Outreach

Support Groups for GF/CF diets    click on:  GF/CF KIDS


Families Together, Inc.

501 Jackson, Suite 400

Topeka, KS 66603

(800) 264-6343


Autism-PDD Message Boards : Autism Education Issues

On-line discussion about autism.


Autism Cares

"Created a database that will allow families dealing with autism to register online, so if they're in a hurricane or other disaster zone, they'll be called by volunteers to make sure they're all right and see what kind of help they need."  Autistic kids get special attention, by Janet Kornblum, USA Today, Life Section, September 22, 2005.


Unlocking Autism

a national support organization, which states its goals as:

To bring the issues of autism from individual homes to the forefront of national dialogue.

To join parents and professionals in one concerted effort to fight for these children who cannot lift their voices to the nation for help.

  • To educate parents about pending legislation and existing laws.
  • To educate parents about biomedical treatments and behavioral therapies.
  • To assist parents of newly diagnosed children by providing direction through a parent-to-parent support hotline in an effort to network families across the country.
  • To raise funds for biomedical research, behavioral research, and projects.
  • To Work to increase society's ability to work with and understand people with autism.
  • To help those on the autism spectrum reach their greatest potential in leading fulfilling and productive lives in relationships, society and employment.
  • To educate parents to the danger of mercury to the developing brain of children both born and unborn.

P.O. Box 15388
Baton Rouge, Louisiana  70895

866-366-3361 toll free
225-665-7547 fax

Link takes you to a You Tube video in support for Autism Insurance. I'm Living Proof.


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