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communication and autism

Many autistic children and adults have speech problems.  Speech problems include articulation disorders, voice production, or fluency.  

Aphasia is a disturbance of previously acquired language skills caused by cerebral dysfunction; it affects the ability to speak and write, and/or the ability to comprehend and read.  The complete absence of communication and comprehension skills.  The American Medical Association Home Medical Encyclopedia, Random House, Inc., 1989, ISBN 0-394-58248-9. 

Dysphasia is the same as aphasia except it is a disturbance versus a complete absence of communication and comprehension skills.

Apraxia is an inability to carry out purposeful movements despite normal muscle power and coordination.  It is caused by damage to nerve tracts (from head injury, infection, stroke or brain tumor) within the cerebrum that translates the idea for a movement into an actual movement.  People with apraxia usually know what they want to do but appear to have lost the ability to recall from memory the sequence of actions necessary to achieve the movement.  The American Medical Association Home Medical Encyclopedia, Random House, Inc., 1989, ISBN 0-394-58248-9. 

Picture Exchange System (PECs) A child or person with no or limited language ability uses the pictures to let you know what they want or need. They just hand you the picture. The computer program has a picture for almost anything you can image and you can also add text. You print them out in the size that is best for you and laminate them. This is normally the system that young children start with because there is little to no training to get started for the student as well as teachers and parents. Most schools will own this program and can print the pictures out for you. The program is available through:

Pyramid Educational Consultants, Inc.

226 W. Park Place, Suite 1

Newark, DE 19711

(888) PECS INC

(302) 368-2516 Fax

Sign Language

Verbal Imitation and the Me Book by Dr. Lovaas

Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) DevicesThere are several different devices available for the autistic person to use as their "voice."  These devices can look similar to a watch or have a touch screen that is a little bigger than a Gameboy. Choosing an AAC Device

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