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Child Sensory Development Charts

Read and see Child Sensory Development Charts here.  It is an academic paper once again supporting the research-proven fact that children who are sensory deprived, especially for the first three years of their life, where there is no maternal care--hugging, swinging, singing to, cuddling--affects the growth of the child’s brain.  See charts from the website below.  The title is 

Altered brain development following global neglect
in early childhood” and the authors are
Bruce D. Perry, M.D., Ph.D. Ronnie Pollard, M.D.


In addition to the fact sensory stimulation is necessary for brain growth, there are also charts or lists that generally show what milestones children should reach at a certain age.  For example, at two months, a baby should be able to lift up his head on his own.  Read more about it below.

“Read about Motor Development in Infancy and Early Childhood” here:


Article below shows how experts in the field all agree that the first three years of a child’s life are very critical for growth.

"Researchers in the fields of brain development, psychology, and education are all coming to the same conclusion:  what happens in the first 3 years of a child's life are far more critical than we had realized.  Children who don't receive sufficient nurturing, nutrition, and opportunity for movement and intellectual stimulation simply do not develop to the same fullness of potential as those children who do.

Furthermore, children who are over-stimulated -- rushed from one activity to another, or pushed to "perform" to satisfy the self-esteem of adults are also inhibited from reaching their full potential, because they are robbed of the experience of "self-directed" exploration and the opportunity to develop a deeper awareness of their own feelings and desires."


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