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activities for sensory integration disorder

Sensory integration is a beneficial therapy for autism. Any activity that lets the individual experience sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing, motion, rocking, swinging, floating with a feeling of weightlessness such as when one is floating on water have calming effects for autistic individuals.

With the age of technology, parents can now choose applicable video games in addition to the more traditional games to integrate the five senses for their autistic children. Especially with video games, eye-hand coordination, graphics, sound, and movements (such as the Wii and its competitive clones) provide activities for sensory integration disorder.

In addition to technology, there are more traditional sensory integration activities such as swinging or rocking. Consider sensory swings for the swinging and gliding motion and the balance required while the swing is moving.

Another helpful activity where one can have rocking movement while getting a feeling of floating in air is through The Floating Bed.

sensory swing glider

The Floating Bed for sensory integration disorder

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