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how to work with kids with sensory integrated disorder

How to work with kids with sensory integrated disorder may include putting together sensory integration with playgroups, activities that increase awareness of motion, balance, touch, the hiring of therapists—but not just any therapist as explained by Jodi who emailed in from this site:  “Hi. I'm a Physical Threapist. I know of this disorder and there are very good therapists, both Physical and Occupational that are specially trained for this disorder. You should take your child to one of these. They should be SIPT trained. That stands for Sensory Integration Praxis Test. This is a special test for children with sensory integration problems. The therapist should then be trained how to treat children with this problem.”

From the same page given above, one entry suggests the following book, 'The Out of Sync Child, by Carol Stock Kranowitz, because it “offers many suggested activities and is very good at explaining neurological concepts in a very down to earth fashion.”  This website provides another way to work with sensory integrated disorder—the use of relaxation techniques, yoga, breathing, movement and balancing of energy.  This web page provides the following list of 10 steps:

  1. The development of sensory integration occurs in an orderly sequence.
  2. An appropriate amount and type of sensory input can promote adaptive responses.
  3. The production of an adaptive response aids the development of sensory integration.
  4. A child often seeks the type of sensory experience he needs.
  5. Effective processing of tactile, proprioceptive and vestibular sensations contributes to appropriate processing of visual and auditory sensations, acquisition of language and academic skills, and emotional adjustment.
  6. As much as possible, the child needs to be active in choosing and planning the activity.
  7. The staff should nurture and encourage exploration and variety.
  8. The environment and activities should be designed to facilitate exploration and success.
  9. When a child achieves better organization of adaptive responses the child's general behavioral organization will improve.
  10. The overall goal of this approach is not to teach specific skills but, rather, to make the child more capable of learning.  

From all the suggestions given above, included into the therapy, based on each individual child, is the use of swings as part of sensory integrated therapy.  Movement, relaxation, balanced energy and other skills can be integrated with the enjoying motion of swinging.  Discover these sensory integration swings designed specifically to enhance your child’s sensory awareness:

Sensory SwingSensory SwingsSensory Swings

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