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sensory integration suggestions

If you are looking for sensory integration suggestions, the creative possibilities are endless, from the many toys available for all children to the bigger therapies such as swing sets.

First, however, you must first observe and know your child so that you can then arm yourself with all the sensory integration items to help them discover the world of form.

So how can we merge the world of form into a fun sensory integration experience? With the many children’s toys available.

For example, play-do, is a tactile toy that introduces texture, weight, smell, and the simple fun of squishing it into all kinds of shapes and forms. So consider what toy will best fit your child.

For sleep, there are CDs with nature sounds, lava lamps, vibrating beds and pillows, the floating bed to get a sense of weightlessness (like in the womb) while rocking to sleep (as an option), and aromatherapy. You may even find your own ways of getting your children to sleep.

For children who want to move, visit your local playground. The swings, teeter-totters, and slides are not only fun, but also provide the sensory integration for balance, motion, touch and more.

Also, consider sensory swings for fun and rest for you and your child. Hours of swinging from these swings will give you, the parent, a break. Schools also use these swings as positive reinforcement to reward the child for good work and behavior in class.

If there is a children’s museum nearby, take your child to experience the many sensory integration activities. Possibly, there is a “specific” room or activity area that your child finds enjoyable.
In this age of technology, use video games. The Wii gives eye-hand-coordination, color, sound, graphics. You may find your child bowling a lot better than you since they may have a keener way of seeing, “outside” the world of form.

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