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Sensory integration swings are valuable as therapy for autistic children.  Many articles (see samples below) reveal in detail of how swings can be incorporated in a classroom setting, at a backyard at home, or in some other space in the house such as a basement.  

True, swings don't apply to all autistic children who are highly sensitive and prefer to draw away from sensory stimulants such as swings, but for the most part swings provide an important sensory integration tool for helping autistic children integrate spatial, movement, and balance awareness that are provided by the simple act of swinging. 

Thus, a wide variety of swings are needed, from fabric "wrap" type swings to wooden platforms to canvas seat type swings.  These are specially designed for the autistic child.

Interview and Articles:

"If children are oversensitive or defensive to movement experiences, their feet will never leave the ground. They will shun playground equipment and object to riding in the car or elevator. They may refuse to be picked up. Or, if they are under-responsive, they may crave intense movement, and seem always to be in upside-down positions, swinging on the tire swing for long periods, and on-the-go constantly -- jumping, bouncing, rocking and swaying. - Interview with Carol Kranowitz, author of the Out-of-Sync Child.

"Perhaps you are shopping for a gift for an autistic child. Perhaps you are planning how to set up your back yard for a son or daughter who is autistic. A swing can be a valuable investment and help children with sensory integration." - Sensory Integration Products, Swings Boost Ability for Autistic Kids, by Lynn Moore.

"Sensory Integration should not be written on formal IEP documentation UNLESS, the district intends to provide SI therapy on site or allow the parent to have their child attend an SI Clinic.  General understanding of SI therapy is that provided by a “SI certified” therapist, in an environment equipped for SI treatment.  This “environment” normally a “clinic space”, with a variety of activities available, including suspended equipment and climbing apparatus (swings, platforms, ramps, slides) as well as the use of other sensory activities for sensory input enrichment. This environment in not currently available at any school sites we serve in the Bay Area and this is not appropriate for academic school based therapy." - Sensory Integration Evaluations and Treatment in the academic setting


See more swings here in a variety of styles.  Pictures, price and description included.

You can find parts for swing sets at these sites:

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