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What is sensory stimulation?  The answer is that stimulating the senses can have a positive effect on learning as well as emotional and social growth in a child.  Sensory stimulation in learning means having activities that challenge or make use of the five senses.  These senses, touch, taste, smell, listening, and visual, must be included in one’s learning.  Schools incorporate sensory stimulation in their curriculum from the basics of math and reading to special classes such as art or extracurricular activities such as sports.  The same is true for children with special needs.  For example, as more children become diagnosed with autism, more teachers are needed to educate them.  Thus, it is good to see celebrities such as the telethon on comedy central held on October 15, 2006, that featured well-known comedians as well as other notable figures to help fund the building of a center to educate teachers who are specialized in teaching autistic children.

Sensory stimulation also affects the emotional and social growth of a child.  Sensory affectional deprivation syndrome (link to this page) illustrates the importance of maternal affection.  When moms (and dads) cuddle, sway, sing, or rock their babies and children, they are helping that child feel the emotional needs required for healthy growth.

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Sensory Stimulation Activities For Therapeutic Recreation:

Incredible sensory swings here

Sensory Swing Taco Swing

Sensory integration with this amazing floating bed

Floating Bed

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