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Sensory Integration (SI) is the process of organizing information from our senses.  If you've forgotten, the standard five senses are hearing, vision, taste, smell and touch.  These senses describe most of the information entering our bodies!  Most autistic people have problems organizing and adapting their body's sensory information which is called Sensory Integration Dysfunction.  sensory integration, physical activity, & autism go hand in hand.  If you can keep autistic children and adults actively participating in physical activities they become used to their environment and learn to adapt to that circumstance.  The functioning level of the individual will depend on the how long it will take for each activity and how well it will become generalized to other activities.  Examples of activities are varied, but can include weighted vests, swinging, and playing in shaving cream.  There are several books on Sensory Integration.  See Out-of-Sync-Child by Carol Stock Kranowitz, M.A.

See several books and videos by Dr. Temple Grandin, who is autistic.

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