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Sensory Integration SwingsMost autistic people have problems with Sensory Integration (SI).  A. Jean Ayres, O.T.R., Ph.D. formed the theory of sensory integration and believed that in addition to the standard five senses (taste, smell, hearing, touch and sight) there are the:

  1. Tactile sense:  information is felt through the surface of the skin

  2. Vestibular sense:  information comes through the inner ear about

    • space and gravity,

    • balance and movement, and

    • head and body position in relation to gravity

  3. Proprioceptive sense:  information comes through our muscles, ligaments and joints about our body parts

There are several books on Sensory Integration.  According to Carol Stock Kranowitz, M.A., "dysfunction in sensory integration (DSI) or Sensory Integration Dysfunction occurs when the brain inefficiently processes sensory messages coming from a person's own body and his or her environment.  The person has difficulty responding in an adaptive way to everyday sensations that others hardly notice or simply take in stride."  She has written several great books about it.

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