“He has a cracked brain”

While parents try to ensure that our children are understanding, tolerant and respectful of children with any type of disability, it is unworthy that they are the teachers themselves (some without a heart), who should ensure the same, who bully a girl with autism.

Upon observing behavioral changes in their seven-year-old daughter, parents of Dos Hermanas (Sevilla) decided to put a tape recorder in the girl’s backpack. More than six hours of recordings allowed them to take the step and file a complaint against four teachers of the Cervantes de Dos Hermanas Infant and Primary School, for making fun of their daughter for her condition.

A tape recorder in the backpack

As stated in the complaint filed by Diario de Sevilla, he has a Generalized Developmental Disorder with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Specific Language Disorder (TEL) and epilepsy, he went to a specific classroom for children with problems similar to his own.

The parents observed that their daughter had suffered two epileptic seizures in a short time “and developed unknown self-injurious behaviors to date with important and habitual bites on the hands”, behavior that was increasing when she went to school and ceased to be evident when the Weekend.

When appreciating this change, and after the teachers “denied the major” and said they had not noticed anything strange in the girl, on April 22 they decided to put a tape recorder in their backpack to know what was happening in class.

In the six hours of recording, according to the complaint, shouts of the teachers are heard with phrases such as “this girl has a cracked brain” , “I also know how to bang”, “it has already been disrupted”, “wash your hands, fuck, that I am watching you play with the boogers ”or“ in the asylum of Miraflores there was this profile in adults ”.

Intolerable abuse

The doctors who attended the child concluded the “incidence of stress” as a cause of the attacks and came to recommend to the parents the change of center.

On the other hand, Javier James, lawyer of the Antonio Guerrero Foundation that represents the girl, assures the Diario de Sevilla that he sees “intolerable” this type of behavior towards a minor in a specific classroom, in which “the staff must have specific technical capabilities to deal with these children.”

And it goes further. He considers that the facts may constitute a crime of degrading treatment and another of continued psychic violence, with prison sentences that could range from six months to three years.

Education, meanwhile, has said it will analyze the case to “take appropriate action.”

We hope that this case will serve as an example so that mistreatment of this type does not occur again in the classroom, and so that parents who suspect that their child may be suffering from some type of bullying at school, dare to report.

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