what is perineal massage
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How to do perineal massage?

NEW POWERS AND PERSPECTIVE MASSAGE What do you know about perineal massage?

More and more doctors are recognizing it as an excellent way to prevent perineal lacerations in women in labor. Perineal massage (perineal massage) before delivery softens the tissue. Gives them elasticity. Confirmed by research: Massage Oiled perineum and warm compresses reduce by 7% the risk of rupture and the need for episiotomy forced dissection of the perineum. The 2011 review shows that perineal perineum massage in the antenatal and perineal period and warm compresses significantly reduce the risk of ruptures of the 3rd and 4th degrees. These are dangerous because they lead to pelvic floor dysfunction. Both warm compresses and perineal massages with oils before delivery are successfully practiced in Israeli hospitals. At the hospital, we offer women the possibility of massage with oils and hot compresses… In my experience, this reduces the risk of perineum rupture and eliminates the need to make incisions. says Dr. Roni Hen, head of the maternity ward at a hospital in Israel. It seems to me that this is yet another proof that more and more opportunities and perspectives for massage will be opened up over time. Protection of the crotch in childbirth. Many pregnant women are horrified to see how a baby can be born through such a small hole! Of course, it can) The nature is so wise that it gives the crotch tissue the ability to stretch out beautifully. And before delivery, the body produces hormones that increase the elasticity of the tissue. But every organism, everything is very individual! The birth canal of the mother-to-be because of the strong pressure on the pelvic floor muscles during childbirth is subject to a significant stretch, which can cause damage.

what is perineal massage
Perineal methods during the second stage of labor

A high risk of rupture exists if Rapid and rapid delivery Fabrics are not healthy (e.g. thrush, candidiasis)

High perineum In the first birth there was a rupture, retinopathy/episiotomy Large fetus The ruptures are divided into spontaneous (caused by pressure from the shoulders or the baby’s head) and violent (caused by obstetric manipulation) In order to help you, you can stretch your perineum muscles regularly with a massage. Massage prepares a woman both physically, helping the tissues to stretch out at the birth of a baby, and psychologically, when you are mentally ready to stretch, and know what to expect, you are calm, relaxed, and it also helps to stretch the tissues better. To understand how to protect the crotch, you need to understand the process of childbirth. A baby in childbirth, immersed in a pelvis, bending his head, pressing his chin to the chest and smoothly goes to the exit. It seems to “screw” into the pelvis and makes a series of turns around its axis to go everywhere with its smallest size. When the top is visible, the child seems to come out from under the bosom of the mother. Then the child makes another turn and shoulders are born and after him and the whole body. In order to prevent ruptures, midwives apply for perineum protection. How does this happen? The midwife holds the baby’s head in the birth canal with one hand so that it does not bend and tear the clitoris, urethra and upper clefts of the labia, while the midwife with the other hand collects the skin on the perineum into the fold to give the diver more room for maneuver. It is not a small force that is used.

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