They disable a pediatrician who linked vaccines to autism and advised children and pregnant women not to get vaccinated

Therefore, we were so surprised to hear about the case of a pediatrician who supposedly advised against vaccination for children, pregnant women and people with autism, because they linked vaccines to the appearance of autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The Illustrious Official College of Physicians of Madrid has disabled it, has opened a disciplinary file.

He presented his opinions in the media

It was the Autism Confederation Spain that gave the alarm in August 2018, when it detected that an active pediatrician was dedicated to promoting pseudoscientific treatments while linking autism with vaccines.

Given the seriousness of the events, Autismo EspaƱa decided to carry out a large informative dossier that transferred to the Illustrious Official College of Physicians of Madrid, where the different aspects of which they had been recorded were exposed:

  • The exposure in the media of completely inappropriate theses about vaccination and its effect on the origin of ASD, and the explicit realization of recommendations about the non-vaccination of children, people with autism and pregnant women.
  • The dissemination of the thesis not supported and contrary to the evidence about the origin and causes of ASD.
  • The dissemination of treatments and interventions lacking total evidence and with significant risks to people’s health.

After receiving the information, the Illustrious Official College of Physicians of Madrid has sanctioned the pediatrician with 364 days of suspension from professional practice and has opened a disciplinary file, considering the facts as a serious offense.

According to the Illustrious Official College of Physicians of Madrid, the pediatrician would have violated the articles of the Code of Medical Deontology that we present below:

  • 21.1: The doctor has the duty to provide all patients with the medical care of human and scientific quality.
  • 23.1: The doctor must have freedom of prescription, respecting the scientific evidence and the authorized indications, which allows him to act independently and guarantee quality.
  • 25.2: The doctor must offer loyal and competent advice to the patient so that he assumes his responsibilities in the matter of health, including hygiene and the promotion of preventive activities of proven value. It will inform you of the risk that certain habits may mean for your health.
  • 25.3: The promotion of preventive activities is only deontologically correct when they have proven scientific value.
  • 26.1: The physician should preferably use procedures and prescribe drugs whose efficacy has been scientifically proven.
  • 65.3: Medical advertising must be objective, prudent and truthful, so as not to raise false hopes or spread unfounded concepts. The doctor may communicate to the press and other media outlets not directed to doctors, information about their professional activities

Vaccines are safe and do not produce autism

Over the years, scientific evidence has shown that vaccines are safe and save millions of lives annually, so it is essential to disseminate truthful and proven information about them.

With regard to autism, much has been said about the alleged link between vaccines and ASD. The false theory emerged in 1998, following a study by British doctor Andrew Wakefield and published in The Lancet. Over time, it was discovered that the information had been manipulated, so Wakefield was expelled by the British Medical General College and the magazine deleted its publication.

Since that time, there have been many investigations that have been done regarding this issue. And currently, the international scientific and medical community asserts, unanimously, that there is no evidence that relates to vaccination with autism.

A subsequent study, conducted in 2015 to 95,000 children with autistic siblings, determined that even in these cases where there is a greater risk due to the genetic factor, a relationship between vaccination and autism can be established.

But despite the scientific evidence, there are still those who, incomprehensibly, hold these false beliefs, sowing doubts between the parents and putting at risk the lives of their unvaccinated children and that of other children who, for justified medical reasons, cannot be vaccinated.

Long ago Amazon and the major social networks decided to join efforts to combat misinformation about vaccines, in an attempt to curb the terrible and dangerous scourge posed by the anti-vaccine movement.

But there is always a way to go, so it is important to continue to silence those who spread hoaxes about vaccine safety, contrasting their words with truthful and scientific information.

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