When, after conception, you can do a pregnancy test

If the test is done too soon, it will not show anything – as experts say, it will turn out to be a false negative. In this case, you can donate blood to hCG, or you can just wait a bit.

If the date is known exactly

In order for a pregmate pregnancy test or blood test to show an accurate result, you need to do them after 14 days from the moment of fertilization. How to determine if – there are detailed instructions for this, one of them can be found.

Particularly sensitive tests may show pregnancy after the 10th day of delay. The exact dates on which the test is triggered are usually indicated in the instructions for it. Follow the instructions in the manual to ensure that the result is exactly correct. Remember – the appearance on the test of a weakly expressed second strip does not always mean pregnancy.

This is because, after intercourse, sperm need from 24 hours to two days to get into the uterus. After this, the fertilized egg moves in the uterus, it takes about a week. And only then the egg is fixed on the wall of the uterus. From this moment, the production of the hCG hormone in the body of a woman begins.

Because of all these processes, it is recommended that tests be done only after two weeks after conception. Previously, they will be simply useless.

Methods for detecting pregnancy

There are three most reliable ways to detect pregnancy:

  • Test. The easiest and most affordable way. Now in the pharmacy, you can buy electronics and hypersensitive tests. Some of them are able to show the correct result earlier than after 14 days. But it is important to follow the instructions so as not to make a mistake with the result.
  • Blood donation for hCG. A blood test will show you the exact result, it can also be done after 14 days.
  • The US . It is also an effective way but is used less frequently than the previous two methods.

Also, some girls resort to home methods for determining pregnancy – there are quite a lot of them, some have been around for centuries and really work. But you should not trust in such methods, because there is no guarantee that they will give the correct answer.

If pregnancy is undesirable, but you have already had unprotected intercourse, and 72 hours have not passed, you can use the methods of emergency contraception. But here you need to remember that this is a strong stress for the body, which is better not to arrange more often than twice a year. And in any case, you should definitely consult your doctor.

Otherwise, wait two weeks, and then buy the test. If the result is implicit, or you are in doubt, you can donate blood for HCG – such an analysis gives an error extremely rarely.

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