“You are a lucky mom”

Landon Bjornson, seven, has autism, so when he had to fly alone from Las Vegas to Portland to visit his father, Alexa, his mother, he was very worried.

To help make the trip safer, it occurred to him to write a letter for the child to give to his seatmate, along with a ten-dollar bill, explaining what his son is like.

But Ben Pedraza, the lucky passenger who traveled to his side not only did not accept the money but at the end of the trip, he sent a picture of himself with the boy along with an emotional message. Alexa has shared it on his Facebook account, to thank him. She is a lucky mother.

The best travel companion

“Have we arrived?”. It is one of the phrases that Landon constantly repeats when he flies and that was in the letter that his mother Alexa asked to deliver to his flight neighbor.

And so did the boy. But Ben, not only did he not accept them, but also sent a photo of the two along with this emotional message:

“Alexa, my name is Ben. I was Landon’s seat neighbor on his flight to Portland. He asked many times if we had already arrived, but he was a great companion. We had a lot of fun playing rock, paper or scissors several times. He is a great child and you are a very lucky mother. ”

“I appreciate the 10 dollars, but they are not necessary. I have donated them to Autism-Society.org in honor of Landon. ”

Alexa decided to post the message on his Facebook account, to thank him for his gesture, congratulating himself on verifying that “there are still kind people in the world that make a difference, as I try to do it myself.”

And, as the comments in the publication say, we need news like this, that remind us that there are many people with a good heart, even if only bad news is headlines. I hope we meet many Ben and Landon!

You can see the report they made about this viral publication on local television Katu 2, where Ben asks them to focus on Landon and autism, not him. According to figures from the World Health Organization, one in every 160 children has an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), which involves problems of neurodevelopment and brain function, hindering their social interactions.

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